Flowers as a symbol of solidarity

Flowers do more than ‘cheer us up’

For years, people have given flowers on sad occasions such as funerals or when someone is sick. Indeed, sympathy is one of the world’s most common flower meanings. But flowers are also symbolic of solidarity, where people come together to share their experiences and stand together at times of mass tragedy or uncertainty. In this sense, flowers do more than just ‘cheer us up’, they allow us to share a deep emotional connection with others which transcends words.

Take the London terror attacks, or the catastrophic fire at Grenfell Towers. This city came together to stand as one community, with flowers as a representation of this.

There’s something about flowers that bring us all closer together. Flowers are the one item that symbolises empathy and solidarity through beauty, nature and purity. They are wholesome, nature’s symbol of perfection. No matter what we go through, we know that we can show love for others through the giving of flowers.

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They say how we feel without having to say a word. People come together using flowers as a symbol of unity and strength. Even after a deeply saddening event, the flowers that remain speak volumes about the profoundness of human feeling and emotion. The understanding of the fragility of human life, and the appreciation for our very existence, can be reflected in a simple flower bouquet. The sheer quantity of flowers left behind after an event say something about the kinds of people that lay them down. People from all walks of life are connected by a shared experience, which makes our lives carry more meaning. When we live for others instead of ourselves, it reminds us that we are part of a much bigger picture.

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The mere life cycle of a flower, from when it’s planted to the day it begins to wilt, tells us that life itself is fragile – beautiful and pure for a time, but even that does not last forever. Flowers remind us that life is short, and that we must cherish the moments we spend together on this bountiful planet because we cannot predict the future. Flowers help to keep in mind that beauty touches us all, regardless of race, religion or class.

So the next time you go to buy flowers, remember how important they are for showing solidarity and understanding. They truly are nature’s way of showing not just that you care, but that you are connecting with another soul through the beauty of flowers.


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March – The Month of Mother’s Day

March has arrived, which can only mean one thing – Mother’s Day is coming!

Although Mother’s Day is on the 26th and still quite a way away, that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about that special gift for mum.

Whether your mum wants a car, a holiday or just a hug, there’s one thing that every mum wants, and that’s a gorgeous bunch of flowers that shows how much she means to you!

To really pick the best flowers for mum, it helps to know what kind of flowers she likes. Though it is traditional to buy pink flowers on Mother’s Day, picking the flowers she loves the most, pink or not, is probably the best way to make her bouquet extra special and unique.

Furthermore, if you think she’d prefer a beautiful plant over flowers, buy her a plant she’ll love. Plants can be just as gorgeous as flowers and generally last a lot longer too! Some great plants for Mother’s Day are orchids, anthuriums, calla lilies and generally any flowering houseplant you can buy gift wrapped.

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Buying the right flowers this Valentine’s Day

Don’t get just ordinary roses for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile!

Many people rush around at the last minute looking for a dozen red roses to gift their loved one(s) on Valentine’s Day. In doing so, they overlook some of the other gorgeous bouquets that florists have to offer.

The traditional red roses are always great but why not try something a bit different? Bouquets with exotic flowers like bird of paradise, ginger lilies and anthuriums make a strikingly unique bouquet of flowers with a luxury feel that’s guaranteed to please. These types of bouquets show that you’re prepared to go the extra mile for Valentine’s Day and that you don’t just stick to the status quo. Similarly, if you know your partner has a favourite flower, make that flower the main focus of the bouquet you choose. This shows a lot more thought and care than grabbing a bunch of roses simply out of tradition.

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If you absolutely want roses

If, like many men and women on Valentine’s Day, you really want to give your loved one roses, either because it’s traditional or just for the love of roses, then make sure you pick the best bouquets. This means choosing a bunch that has the best quality red roses, namely, Red Naomi roses. The Naomi variety of red roses are the pièce de résistance of the rose world, the most luxurious, aromatic and gorgeous roses – in other words, they say it better!

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As you can imagine, bouquets with Naomi roses tend to be the most expensive bunches, typically ranging from £60 and up, so if these are a little out of your price range this Valentine’s Day, then the Grand Prix variety of roses make a great alternative. So go ahead and make this the best Valentine’s ever and make the most of all the beautiful flower bouquets on offer – roses or no roses!

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